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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Indian ‘god’ reveals ancient secrets of immortality and desire fulfillment in this book

immortal-talksIndian subcontinent, knows as the land of spirituality and ancient thought, is famous for the mystics that live in mountains and wander in uninhabited jungles. Stories of their supernatural powers are famous all over the world. It is believed that they can get anything they desire instantly, although they have no desires left of their own. Some of them are believed to be living for hundreds of years. They communicate with gods face-to-face, or ‘Sakshat’ as it is called in Sanskrit.

One of the most famous Hindu gods, Lord Hanuman, is said to be living on Earth for thousands of years. When He attained immortality, His master, Lord Ram, had directed Him to stay on Earth and help humanity. He is known as the god who removes all obstacles and fulfills desires of His devotees. While millions of devotees only feel His subtle presence around them, the mystics living in jungles talk to Him face-to-face. Their talks revolve around understanding mysteries of universe and learning the techniques of fulfilling desires instantly. These talks, which remained confined in the boundaries of mysterious caves and dense forests till now, are out in open.

A New Delhi based publishing house, Seer Publications, has managed to procure and publish these talks in the form of an English book ‘Immortal Talks’. They have been trying to get the rights from the mystics for past two years. They have finally got the permission but with strict conditions that are unheard of in publishing industry. For instance, they have to get each book ‘consecrated’ by a Hindu monk in an appropriate ceremony before it reaches in the hands of a devotee.

Ramesh Chand Sharma of the said publishing house says, ‘These are believed to be words of Lord Hanuman Himself. Therefore this book is considered as ‘Gyan Prasadam’ or knowledge offering given by the deity to His devotees. We are doing everything possible to adhere to these conditions. Instead of distributing them to random book sellers, we distribute them to spiritual organizations who can pass them on to their members. Individuals who do not hold membership of any organization can request a copy on our website”

It’s a very small book which carries talks between Lord Hanuman and His disciples. It has six intriguing chapters which reveal six ancient secrets.

In the chapter called ‘The Alternate Mother’, Lord Hanuman demonstrates how to switch between realities. In this chapter, a woman has cancer. Few minutes later, she becomes fully healthy and she doesn’t even remember that she had cancer a short while earlier. By mastering this technique, one can fulfill their desires instantly.

Most of the problems in life are caused by past bad Karmas. In the chapter called ‘The Mermaid’, Lord Hanuman tells how to get rid of bad past Karma. He tells how a soul gets infected with bad Karmas of other souls and how to stay protected.

It is almost impossible to explain the supreme truth in words. But nothing is impossible for Lord Hanuman. He describes the mysteries of universe in the chapter called ‘Describing the Undescribable’.

In the chapter called ‘The Strings of Time’, a child is battling between life and death. Lord Hanuman is present in the house but something is stopping Him from saving the child. Lord Hanuman demonstrates how sometimes devotees, unknowingly, stop gods from helping them and how to avoid that situation.

In the chapter called ‘Defeating Death’, Lord Hanuman teaches a devotee one of the methods of defeating death.

It is an unwritten rule of the world that good times don’t last long and bad times tend to go on for a long time. In chapter ‘Cursed Souls’, Lord Hanuman explains why it happens and how to avoid it.

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