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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Doping drug gives no edge to serious cyclists in study

The blood booster at the heart of the Lance Armstrong doping scandal does not improve real-world cycling performance, according to the most rigorous study yet of how the protein EPO affects athletes. The results, published Thursday in the journal Lancet Haematology , may convince some to pay more attention to the harms of supposed performance-enhancing

GOP may keep some Obama tax increases to save health bill

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republican leaders considered keeping one of former President Barack Obama's big tax increases on wealthier Americans and using the money to fatten proposed subsidies for the poor in a bid Thursday to placate moderate GOP lawmakers and salvage their struggling health care bill. With a core priority tottering, top Republicans also

AP FACT CHECK: Health overhaul a prickly business

WASHINGTON (AP) — The struggle over the proposed Republican health care overhaul in the Senate has covered a lot of territory, even veering into the mating habits of porcupines. It's a prickly situation, trying to replace the Obama-era law with something palatable to enough lawmakers, and some of what is being said in the debate

Analysis: For GOP Congress, an imperative on health care

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional Republicans are stymied over health care. But after seven years of promising to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama's law, they risk political disaster if they don't deliver. Republicans anticipate a major backlash from GOP voters if they don't make good on the promises that swept them to control of

New abortion drug label could undo several state laws

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A federal agency approved a new label for a common abortion-inducing drug that will undermine restrictions on medication abortions passed by several states, allowing women to take the drug later in a pregnancy and with fewer required office visits. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notified the manufacturer of the drug

Embattled stem cell scientist says charges against him false

LONDON (AP) — Italian scientist Dr. Paolo Macchiarini was once considered a pioneer in regenerative medicine, credited with creating the world's first windpipe partially made from a patient's own stem cells. But in the last year, Macchiarini has been charged with falsifying his resume, and accused of scientific misconduct and misrepresenting his work. Macchiarini was

Obama turns attention to growing opioid abuse problem

ATLANTA (AP) — The trajectory of opioid deaths in the United States is trending in the wrong direction and should be atop the federal government's radar screen along with the threat of terrorism, responding to natural disasters and promoting a strong economy, President Barack Obama said Tuesday. Obama said more people are being killed from

WHO: Ebola no longer world health emergency

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — The World Health Organization said Tuesday that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa no longer qualifies as an international health emergency, although it cautioned that male survivors can infect their sexual partners for up to a year after recovering. The decision by WHO's Ebola emergency committee comes following flare-ups that emerged

WHO urges more oversight in wake of China vaccine scandal

BEIJING (AP) — China must exert stronger oversight over vaccines sold on the private market in the wake of a developing scandal involving expired or improperly stored vaccines, the World Health Organization said Tuesday. Dr. Lance Rodewald of WHO China's immunization program told reporters that the ongoing investigation into the "troubling" scandal that came to